My favorite Pandora stations

Cause if I have to listen to “Call me maybe” one more time I might kill myself…iphone

  1. Mindy Gledhill – the kind of music you listen to alone or with a girlfriend – it’s the musical equivalent of glitter – girly, light, and oh-so-addictive…
  2. Beatles Radio – Duh…
  3. Undercover Angel – the cheesiest, sappiest, AWESOMEST 70′s AM music…
  4. Rick Astley – so you can RickRoll all day long
  5. Tiny Dancer  – great 70′s soft rock…if you loved “Almost Famous”, you’ll love this.
  6. The Stylistics – when  dancing guys with matching leisure suits ruled the airwaves
  7. Seth MacFarlane – believe it or not, this station plays big band music!
  8. Victorious – kid/tween/teen radio you won’t gag on
  9. Glee – again…DUH
  10. The Dan Band – not kid friendly, or office friendly, but pretty funny

Thanks to Jill for the inspiration – and the new stations to follow! Check out her choices for the Top Ten Awesome Pandora Stations.

What are YOUR go-to Pandora Stations??

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