Summer Break Day One

Day at the Beach

Is Summer Break over yet?? Ok, I'm kidding...kind of. I'm looking forward to this summer break - I was so giddy yesterday waiting for the small dudes to get out of school it almost felt like *I* was getting out of school! We have grand plans, I tell you - the beach, bowling, skating, swimming lessons...I'm excited/tired/hopefully tan just thinking about it. I promised the boys Tuesdays and ...

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The Big Traveling Potluck 2013

kitchenaid, mixer

Saying I was super excited to go to The Big Traveling Potluck is an understatement...going to meet some of my favorite food bloggers? Yes! Eating fabulous food created and inspired by some of the best in their field? DUH! Getting inspired about food blogging so I can use it here, share it with YOU and pass it on to some of my awesome clients?? Again - duh!! To top it all off it was in ...

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Off to Blissdom!


It's that time again - seeing some of my favorite people, staying in a fun hotel, and making lots of NEW friends! How likely is it I'll be posting while I'm gone - slim to none...(hey, just being realistic) But I will be posting on Instagram - you can find me here - Chicky's Instagram. If I was smart I'd figure out a way to blog from Instagram. I believe there is a way - I just haven't ...

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You know you have boys when…


  You've become so good at hiding things that you can never remember where you've put them. Until you don't need them, then you can't remember why you needed it (or maybe that just comes with age!). ...

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Rocky Horror

No more soda

So....kidney stones. (see, I made a funny in the title!) School ended for us on June 6th, and I proceeded to get sick the following week - like, I was hospitalized for 5 days sick. AND....lucky me, it's still not over yet. I was hospitalized with an obstructed kidney. I had a stone that wasn't quite small enough to pass, but just big enough to get stuck in the tube that leads from the kidney to ...

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