Five for Friday – what I’m reading now

the picky palate jenny flake

My name is Deanna, and I am a reading junkie... Thank goodness for kindle because my reading consumption would be nearing hoarding-level status without it. I am lucky that I have many talented friends who write fabulous books, and I am THANKFUL that so many cookbooks are now available as kindle books because as much as I love (LOVE) cookbooks, I am running out of room for them!! (ps - if I ...

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My favorite Pandora stations


Cause if I have to listen to "Call me maybe" one more time I might kill myself... Mindy Gledhill - the kind of music you listen to alone or with a girlfriend - it's the musical equivalent of glitter - girly, light, and oh-so-addictive... Beatles Radio - Duh... Undercover Angel - the cheesiest, sappiest, AWESOMEST 70's AM music... Rick Astley - so you can RickRoll all day long Tiny ...

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Fab Friday – my new fitness partner…

2013-03-08 11.08.29

Welcome Friday! Today's fab Friday is all about health and taking care of myself - including my new fitness partner Sherry! I met Sherry last year at Blissdom and we bonded instantly. She is smart, kind, and the perfect partner (in crime!). I noticed that she posted about her weight and that her weight and mine were virtually the same (she is wayyy more forthcoming than me, so if you're ...

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Chris Mann Album Release – Roads

Chris Mann

Remember this guy? (image courtesy - ME!) Always one of the best parts of Blissdom...we always knew he'd go far, but it took The Voice, and Christina Aguilera to show the rest of the world the FABULOUS that is Chris Mann. Funny, charming and the voice of a fairly handsome angel, he has grown before our very eyes into a smooth charismatic performer. A genuinely NICE guy, and he deserves every bit ...

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Nail Polish Junkie

Zoya Blogger Collection

It's true - I've become an addict... I blame Birchbox mostly - those yummy little boxes of treats meant just for a beauty junkie like me (have I mentioned the $1000 stash of hair products I had when I stopped doing hair?). The first one I got had a pretty pale blue Zoya polish in it. Then I saw a Butter polish on Pinterest - ZOMG how pretty is that? Then I started checking out the polishes at ...

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