Favorite Pinterest tips

My Favorite Pinterest Tips

Who isn’t in love with Pinterest? I admit I didn’t “get it” at first…but it didn’t take long. 51 boards and a few thousand pins later, I guess you could say I’m a junkie…It’s also an amazing way to drive traffic to your blog and help build your web presence. I have clients who have […]

Happy New Year!

2013-01-04 14.01.27

What – almost three weeks late? No matter, it’s still a new year! I am happy to say that I am officially kidney stone free. It only took 6 months to get there, 2 attempted surgeries, 2 successful surgeries, and a whole lotta medicines. SO now I am on a (semi) health kick. Don’t worry, […]

Summer Bucket List

With only 2 more weeks of school (eek!), I have been trying to think of ideas for summer fun stuff to do with my boys – I have a cute little notebook I have been adding ideas to, and since I have a bunch now, I thought I would share them – feel free to […]

My totally random question of the day…

If you have known me for any length of time, you know I love cupcakes…not even so much eating them as the idea of them – cute, small, yummy. Who DOESN”T love a cupcake? (please don’t tell me if you don’t – I don’t think I could bear it!) So, my question to you – […]

My Mom 2.0 Experience

I haven’t been to a blog conference before that I wasn’t speaking at or volunteering at, so going to Mom 2.0 was going to be new for me. I was fortunate enough to have my trip sponsored by Sabra, and I can’t thank them enough for the experience. I began my trip bright and early, […]

What I Love…(works for me wednesday)

Have you checked out the snack aisles of target lately? There are some YUMMY treats there! Trail mixes, fruit leathers, cereals – I know, you can find that everywhere, but not this: This is the BEST trail mix I have ever had – cranberries, pecans, almonds, and white chocolate chips – it’s got that great […]


Because I need MORE eyecandy to occupy time I could be spending on blogging, cleaning, baking… Pinterest is here – but don’t say I didn’t warn you! Let me know if you need an invite!

Just a wee little change…

If you looked at my google reader, the folder that would have the most feeds would be my craftyness one. I cannot resist a good tutorial to save my life. I put it on my list of “things to do”, then promptly forget it the next time I decide to be creative (yes, it DOESN’T help […]