Favorite Pinterest tips

Who isn't in love with Pinterest? I admit I didn't "get it" at first...but it didn't take long. 51 boards and a few thousand pins later, I guess you could say I'm a junkie...It's also an amazing way to drive traffic to your blog and help build your web presence. I have clients who have created AMAZING traffic for themselves using pinterest, and I've even seen a recipe of mine go viral when a … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

What - almost three weeks late? No matter, it's still a new year! I am happy to say that I am officially kidney stone free. It only took 6 months to get there, 2 attempted surgeries, 2 successful surgeries, and a whole lotta medicines. SO now I am on a (semi) health kick. Don't worry, I won't be doing anything TOO radical. I have been reading books, posts and magazines, watching scary food … [Read more...]

Summer Bucket List

With only 2 more weeks of school (eek!), I have been trying to think of ideas for summer fun stuff to do with my boys - I have a cute little notebook I have been adding ideas to, and since I have a bunch now, I thought I would share them - feel free to add your ideas in the comments and I will add them on too!! drive in movie (we've been before, but not in summer) go to the beach 3 … [Read more...]

My totally random question of the day…

If you have known me for any length of time, you know I love cupcakes...not even so much eating them as the idea of them - cute, small, yummy. Who DOESN"T love a cupcake? (please don't tell me if you don't - I don't think I could bear it!) So, my question to you - what is your favorite cupcake? Are you a plain vanilla kind of person, or chocolate all the way? How about a french toast with maple … [Read more...]