Food foto friday – and Pinterest!

Apple pie food foto friday

Welcome back to Food Foto Friday! (ack – I need to change that button!) It’s been an interesting week – I got shingles of all things…who gets that??? I did get one thing done that I wanted to – I made a Food Photography board on pinterest to provide inspiration, ideas and even a recipe […]

Loving Instagram…

April Photo a Day

It was with baited (bated? where on earth did that come from anyway?) breath that I was FINALLY able to use instagram on my android phone. I guess I’m not the only one with funky breath (it’s bated I just checked – as in A-bate…thanks Shakespeare!), since over 5 million people also downloaded Instagram in […]

Food Foto Friday

strawberries, bananas and cheerios, oh my!

Welcome to Food Foto Friday! Food photography has become one of my passions, in addition to providing a great way to share recipes. As much as I love taking food pictures, I ALWAYS forget to take pictures as I cook so hopefully this will keep me accountable. I know since there are lots of FABULOUS […]

Attention food photography lovers!!

cake, recipe, food+foto

I am SO excited to start a new FUN project on Domestic Chicky – Starting Friday, I will be hosting Food Foto Friday, a picture sharing carnival for, you guessed it, food photography! In case you don’t know what a blog carnival is, here is the short explanation: You post about the topic on your […]