I love getting email!!

Well, except that sketchy kind that offers me bigger something-or-others *shudders*.

  • In need of a new look for your blog?
  • Want to have your picture taken?
  • Have a picture-taking question?
  • Want to know what the heck to do in the Inland Empire?
  • Want some tips for Disneyland?
  • Want my much sought-after opinion on something?? ; )

If you have any questions, queries, quandries, or…um – I ran out of Q words – things you wanna know, send me an email!

And trust me, I will NOT be the benficiary to your South African/English/Australian fortune, buy your wholesale Via*gra, nor do I want to keep mah woman satisfied (eyeroll). But ask me how to make a Cupcake and I’m your girl!