Off to Blissdom!


It’s that time again – seeing some of my favorite people, staying in a fun hotel, and making lots of NEW friends! How likely is it I’ll be posting while I’m gone – slim to none…(hey, just being realistic) But I will be posting on Instagram – you can find me here – Chicky’s Instagram. […]

My favorite Pandora stations


Cause if I have to listen to “Call me maybe” one more time I might kill myself… Mindy Gledhill – the kind of music you listen to alone or with a girlfriend – it’s the musical equivalent of glitter – girly, light, and oh-so-addictive… Beatles Radio – Duh… Undercover Angel – the cheesiest, sappiest, AWESOMEST […]

Fab Friday – my new fitness partner…

2013-03-08 11.08.29

Welcome Friday! Today’s fab Friday is all about health and taking care of myself – including my new fitness partner Sherry! I met Sherry last year at Blissdom and we bonded instantly. She is smart, kind, and the perfect partner (in crime!). I noticed that she posted about her weight and that her weight and […]

Happy New Year!

2013-01-04 14.01.27

What – almost three weeks late? No matter, it’s still a new year! I am happy to say that I am officially kidney stone free. It only took 6 months to get there, 2 attempted surgeries, 2 successful surgeries, and a whole lotta medicines. SO now I am on a (semi) health kick. Don’t worry, […]

Ninja winner and endless sniffles


Sorry for the delay in posting – the flu/plague/ok, maybe just a bad cold – has invaded our house. The little guys stayed home yesterday while I tried all I could to NOT get sick (so far so good – keep your fingers crossed! Now…what was I here for??? Oh right! The giveaway! The winner […]

More Thanksgiving prep


Today I made the stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole…the recipes I use can be found in my Springpad Thanksgiving notebook – it’s been a fabulous resource for me to organize this year. I have my menu, decoration ideas, recipes and more. I’m looking forward to using it for Christmas too! This is […]

Chris Mann Album Release – Roads

Chris Mann

Remember this guy? (image courtesy – ME!) Always one of the best parts of Blissdom…we always knew he’d go far, but it took The Voice, and Christina Aguilera to show the rest of the world the FABULOUS that is Chris Mann. Funny, charming and the voice of a fairly handsome angel, he has grown before […]

My Favorite Rice Recipe

The BOMB rice

I am a HUGE fan of Alton Brown – I give him total credit for learning how to cook. I watched the shows and read the books…I think it was because he added the SCIENCE into the explanation of cooking. When you have an understanding of the basics, it’s easy to adapt them into more […]