Summer Break Day One

Day at the Beach

Is Summer Break over yet?? Ok, I'm kidding...kind of. I'm looking forward to this summer break - I was so giddy yesterday waiting for the small dudes to get out of school it almost felt like *I* was getting out of school! We have grand plans, I tell you - the beach, bowling, skating, swimming lessons...I'm excited/tired/hopefully tan just thinking about it. I promised the boys Tuesdays and ...

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Summer reading

Between 2 nutty boys, a TON of client work (both photographic and design types), and my summer fun list, our calendar is filling up fast. But I ALWAYS make time for reading - before bed, outside when the boys are playing, over my morning cereal... I recently discovered the joy that is the kindle - trust me, I LOVE book pages as much as the next book nut, but I am all over it when it comes to ...

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