potc_bunco.jpgSo I got to Vegas a few hours ago, the trip was great – almost no traffic, til I hit Las vegas Blvd – OY! I got all checked in (will give you a room tour later 😉 ) , and took a tour of the bunco location – Prilosec has done a great job putting together this event, and

I can’t believe how much excitement this is generating – there are women walking around in custom shirts with their group’s names on them – Bunco Babes, Desperate Dicewives – Pink Feather boas, tiaras (tiaras are BIG in Bunco) – shreiking can be heard from the women taking pictures with Rocky the Bunco Hunk (yowsa), and there is purple as far as the eyes can see. I even met a group of women who play bunco online and have not met each other until tonight – how cool is that?!?

One of the most meaningful parts of this event is the Survivor wall, where people can make paper tiles to commemorate a loved one who has battled breast cancer – the tiles will then be sent to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as a tribute to the brave women and their families. I will get some pictures of it as it fills up..

Tomorrow there wil be 4 heats, and the winners of these heats will go on to compete in the semifinals, and finally the winner will be crowned Sunday evening. I will be playing in a heat myself, and I’ll be following a group of women from Phoenix to root them on and talk to them about their group…

The view isn’t so bad from here:


What did you think I meant? This?


Yeah, I guess that’s not so bad 😉

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  1. Ok, I must be getting tired or something. I was just reading your party post, and could have sworn it said you were going to Las Vegas for the Bronco World championships. Good Greif I think I am losing my mind. Well have fun at the Bunco World Championship!

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