Close Call…

We had a little bit of an adventure this weekend…I am in the middle of unpacking from our NEAR evacuation. There was a fire in nearby Oak Glen that started Sunday, and while it was a bit nerve-wracking, we were prepared, having everything ready to go at a moment’s notice…

Oak Glen Fire 2009

We were still on the fence Monday morning, and it looked like we were in the clear, when a couple of douchebags (yeah, I said it – there is no other word for these morons) decided to set a fire not 1/2 mile from where we live.

Pendleton Fire

Yeah a little panicked now. But not so panicked that I couldn’t get a few cool pictures of the awesome air defense we had…

Pendleton Fire DC-10 2009

Pendleton Sikorsky Sky Crane 2009

Yes, I am a dork 🙂

Still, the winds seemed to be in our favor until Tuesday morning…it was so chaotic I didn’t have time to take pictures. Cars facing out, monitoring the broadcasts (not the news – what a joke – you’d think we lived in Anarctica for all the news we got from the local networks) trying not to freak out the boys…it got a bit hairy, but we were never formally under mandatory evacuation order.

We were fortunate enough to get through this relatively unscathed – save for the clothes that smell like smoke, and all the stuff I have to put away now. We were lucky enough to be watched over by some of the greatest firefighters in the country.

All was back to normal yesterday. After school drop off, as I was going to the grocery store, the morning briefing had just ended and a line of 25-30 fire engines came the other way to take out hot spots, do mop up and finish the business of fighting a fire. I had held it together pretty well the whole time, didn’t really panic or stress, but when I saw EVERY car on my side of the road pull over to honk, wave and cheer these brave firefighters, I just lost it – I was (and am) so grateful for all they did, and it touched me that all these people were too.

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  1. Oh honey! I know that was STRESSFUL!

    When they come to save you – it’s a remarkable feeling to recognize real-life heroes in action. Around the time we had to evacuate 42 alpacas for Hurricane Ivan my son was really into playing with those Rescue Heroes action figures.

    When the gentleman showed up with his trailer to take my alpaca babies to safety, the tears welled up and I thought, “This is a real Rescue Hero!” Every time I see that man at an alpaca show or event, I feel that same feeling. Awe. Respect. Gratitude.

    So glad you and your sweet family are safe!
    .-= AlpacaFarmgirl´s last blog ..Farming Is Like a Disney Movie =-.

  2. Oh, my gosh… what scary thing to have been through. So glad you and your family were safe. We have had firefighters knock on our door in the middle of the night twice now to tell us to “prepare” to evacuate. A very strange place to be. You got wonderful photos.
    .-= Mermaid Debbie´s last blog ..And the winner is… =-.

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