I get so excited about the new year – I have grand ideas, big plans and goals. Of course I forget about them approximately 6 minutes after I wake up on the first, but that’s what Mondays are for, right?

I took a break from working over the Christmas break, but still managed to sneak in a small project (Bonjour Farine!). I have some fun projects coming up, like the make over of my friend Rachel’s site, and a website devoted to JUST tablescapes – place settings, centerpieces, tables for all seasons and events – it’s going to be so much fun! One of my most recent clients, Shari at My Judy the Foodie will be posting her 100th post this week, and is now averaging 300 hits a day! Considering she’s only been blogging for a little over 6 months, that’s pretty fabulous!

Blissdom is also coming up soon! Once again I will be a Photography Community Leader and I am OVER-THE-MOON excited to see my favorite photographer (and mentor) Me Ra Koh there too! If you will be there, and have any questions on your camera, make sure you find me or one of the other amazing photo leaders during the conference. If you aren’t going, WHY NOT????  ;)

Did you make any resolutions? I kinda did, but only in the sense I would like to do things better – better at menu planning, taking more time to be creative, walking more, eating better…not very exciting I know, but anything that makes life a little easier, right?


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