Loving Instagram…

It was with baited (bated? where on earth did that come from anyway?) breath that I was FINALLY able to use instagram on my android phone. I guess I’m not the only one with funky breath (it’s bated I just checked – as in A-bate…thanks Shakespeare!), since over 5 million people also downloaded Instagram in it’s first week of release, leading to it’s sale to Mark Zuckerberg for one BILLION dollars…meh, I keep that in spare change in my room.

It’s a lot of fun using it to participate in Photo a day challenges. Until I get my whole should-I-create-an-office-or-studio-space situation figured out, my camera’s card reader is never in the same place as my laptop, it seems like such a chore to hunt it down, upload and edit a photo every day, when all I have to do it take one with my phone, put a cool filter (effect) on it and call it a day.


Wigwam Motel

This is from my a silly drive I took my boys on – they were on a “Cars” kick, and asking about the cozy cone, and I decided to show them the real thing…ON route 66!

April Photo a Day

This was for Day 8 – Cold – my favorite (barely) sweet tea in my favorite cup Nuclear Cowboyz

This was from last Sunday at the Nuclear Cowboyz – super fun, super LOUD show!

If you’re on instagram, follow me at domesticchicky – I post almost every day, unlike here…. (I’m getting better!!!)

PS – I am working on a post about what to do now that Picnik is gone!

PPS – don’t forget about food foto Friday! Don’t feel like you have to take a picture JUST for this – you can add ANY post that has a food foto you’re proud of!


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  1. We traveled Route 66 home from Vegas last summer and stopped at the Wigwam Hotel. They were all booked up (of course) but the manager let us peek inside a room. So fun!

  2. Ooh! You got to go inside? I thought about asking but thought it might be kind of odd…I will next time!

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