Chicky to Chicky…

I saw a post by Chicky about how she was interviewed by Mamatulip, and I just HAD to get in on the Q & A love…So here, in it’s entirety, is my interview by The Adorable Chicky Chicky Baby…

1. What is your favorite thing you ever made – not including your kids! 

-I would have to say that my favorite thing I have ever made would be the friends I have made thru blogging. It has brought so much to my life to have made so many diverse friends that I wouldn’t have otheriwse. Oh, and I make a MEAN Chocolate Chip cookie…
2. If you had your choice to live one place in the world – excluding where you’re living right now – where would it be and why? 

– I make no secret about the fact that my heart is on the east coast, where I grew up. I miss having history in my backyard, and driving somewhere where you’re not risking your life just by getting on the freeway. So the VA-NC area would be my choice. Oh, and Paris… 😉
3. If you were a muffin, what type of muffin would you be and why? 

 -hmmm…I think I would be a honey-pecan bran muffin-gooey, sweet, and a bit nutty. (and also good for your digestion! )
4. How long did you and your husband date before you got married? 

-Well, we knew each other for about 3 years before we began to date, and we dated for almost 3 years before we got married. It has been the easiest, most effortless realtionship I have ever been in. We are good friends, and we laugh more than should be legally allowed. We share a lot of the same interests, and have enough different interests that we aren’t in each other’s hair 24/7.
5. Pedicure or manicure? You have to pick one. 

-Pedicure for sure. Preferably on the beach, with a foofy drink.

So now it is my turn…If you would like to be interviewed by me, comment or email me & I will (try to) come up with 5 scathingly brilliant questions as Chicky did…


  1. Love, love, LOVE your answers! I have to admit, I was not expecting your answer to #1 but it was better than what I expected.

    Thanks for answering my silly questions.

  2. I have to say I’m craving a foofy drink.

    Foofy! I love that! I think I would be up for ingesting anything “foofy,” be it something to drink or eat. I’m picturing something with pink frosting…

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