A toast to a few of my favorite moms…

In the 7 years I’ve been involved in blogging, I’ve met some AMAZING women – women who have blazed paths for the rest of us, women who have created amazing works of art through their writing, or photographs, and women who seemingly “do it all” and do it with grace, humor, and have made an unforgettable impression on me:

Rachel is the definition of a southern belle – as beautiful as she is down-to-earth, she’s the person you want for your neighbor, your sister, your best friend. Funny, sassy, and the slightest bit naughty, she is the mom who bakes fabulous birthday cakes, coaches the kids kickball team, and finishes the day with an icy cold beer. She is goodness personified…

Casey is the epitome of wearing your heart on your sleeve. She has a power like no one else to make you laugh, cry, or all of the above, all with her words and images. She makes beautiful babies, has an incredible faith, and her smile lights up a room. She’s the mom you want to be more like, who can find the joy and humor in the most challenging situations…

Alli is strength, sass and charm – she sets her mind to something and it is done. She is the mom to 5 (FIVE!) boys, and is the person I look to for assurance that I’m on the right path with my own boys. She is the mom who is always prepared, always ready for a challenge, always there with an open ear…

And so to these women, I raise my glass and say thank you – for inspiring me, for enouraging me to be a better mother, and most of all for being my friends. I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day.

This post was inspired by Concannon Vineyards – they sent me a couple bottles to try and asked me to tell them about my favorite moms. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and I was honored to share with you a few (among MANY) of the amazing moms I have been priviledged to meet in the last 7 years.

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  1. Hey there Miss Chicky! What a very sweet blog post! =) Hats off to you because you have been a wonderful friend and you’re an awesome Mom to your boys! Wishing you a fabulous Mothers’ Day this weekend! Cheers! =)

  2. Oh Chicky. I adore you. One of my best memories is how we met online (and then IRL). You make the world a better place. <3

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