For the last 3 months I have been swimming in the Deep End of the Pool, and lost almost 22 pounds of baby fat (well, I DID get it FROM my babies!!!)! Since variety is the spice of life, I’m gonna do a change up and Lotta from Mom-O-Matic and I are gonna join Weight Watchers, post about it (the good the bad and the wayyy too ugly for words), and report our results. Reduce the junk in our collective trunks so to speak. We have the lovely mama from O the Joys helping us on our WW crusade, as she has lost a whole buncha junk and looks so pretty up on the pedestal we put her on… 😉

So as of the first friday in January, I will be counting points, kvetching with Lotta, and thinking up a good reward if we meet our goals…Makeovers?? 🙂

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  1. I would like to loose like 10 lbs. I asked for some running sneaks for Christmas and stressed it was my most wanted gift (except the ring we can’t afford! :evil:). I need to get running again.

  2. Hey, Congrats that is awesome! And at a very challenging time of year. I always say Halloween kicks off the holiday weight gain.. but you are leading the way in the opposite direction. You go DC and Lotta!


  3. i’ve been trying to sorta do WW again but with christmas here its so hard! but i need to cuz i gained back all the weight i lost the 1st time i did WW! GOOD LUCK!

  4. Good for you! I just quit a diet – it was so much work it made me hungry.

    Also? We just recently got a beautiful new treadmill and as predicted by my husband it has turned into the worlds most expensive clothes hanger.

  5. Congrats! That’s awesome!

    Weight loss is so hard…:???:

    Good luck with WW. I did it once a few years ago and lost 20 pounds in 3 months. It really does work. Too bad I didn’t stick with it….

  6. So excited you’ll be my junkinthetrunk bud. Did you know I got my name “Lotta” from the WW message board name I had years ago, Lottajunkinmytrunk. I shit you not.

    By the way congrats – loving your head start, very motivating!

  7. Congrats!! 😀 Only in my dreams!!

    Hey, I’ll start WW with you, too…I already have all of my stuff and can’t wait to spend my whoppin’ 25 points a day!


  8. I can’t wait to read! I am a WW junkie myself, I have lost 47 pounds since my son was born in September. My advice is go to meetings, and get the monthly pass so that you get access to e-tools on too. They are GREAT, especially if you are online a lot!!

  9. 20 lbs…
    You are going to shrink to next to nothing girl…

    How do you like the new site???
    I am tempted to make the switch…
    Do you like it more?
    I am so frustrated with Blogger… bu tit is anevil I know…and I am all alone in the blogger universe… So am scared to make the change in case I make a bigger mess…

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