So, I was thinking I could get a lot done this weekend-but we had an unwelcome, unwanted, uninvited guest this weekend…CROUP. So much for that idea. But before the siege, I made a couple of bags for my best friends’ daughter’s 5th Birthday (Happy Day K&K!!!)-pics tomorrow or Wednesday-camera batteries went out. Purple and pink and oh-so-girly!

I have a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, and it seems like the holidays have come wayy too fast once again. I am going to post before and afters of my crafting/sewing area, work on many aprons, make lots of bags (ooh! imagine this-the red bag below, but big enough for a laptop!Or a treo!), and make myself some “girly” pads. Seriously! They’re so much more comfy than disposable, absorb well, and I can’t seem to tolerate “internal” protection anymore…So why not make pretty things for your girly bits too? Here is a site with a lot more info.

I also got a little bag of goodies from my friend Dawn friday-one of them was a lip plumper by Too Faced- I had read about it on A Girl Must Shop. It’s called Lip Injection Extreme, and it really does work! My lips looked so much fuller, and it claims to have a long term effect with frequent use. If you can get by the odd sunburned feeling, which does go away after a few minutes, it does exactly what it says! As a lover of Lip Venom, I have to admit that the Lip Injection works a lot better.
Also in my goodie bag were samples of lots of perfumes. Included was Chocolovers (from the same company that makes Pink Sugar, my current favorite), Betsy Johnson, Nanette Lepore, and Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf. I loved all of them , but I have to say the Betsy Johnson had a slight edge. It reminded me of my all-time favorite Angel (which people either seem to love or hate intensely), but not nearly as overwhelming. The Flowerbomb is really nice too-I would actually buy all of these, which is saying a lot! I am a full fledged perfume junkie, but a REALLY picky one… 🙂
My poor little guy (the ALMOST 4-year old-this Friday!) went thru the wringer this weekend, but he seems to be recovering. We had to buy a new vaproizer yesterday, since our old one got worn out, but one thing that seemed to really help was this new vapo-rub for kids and babies. They made it less menthol-y, and added rosemary and lavender-smells almost yummy!

I made my boys’ (all 3 of them) favorite meal last night – tater tot casserole-it’s probably not the healthiest meal, but it sure was comforting…

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