Here’s what I’m working on…(insert long lost photo)

In here somewhere is 3 bags, 3 scarves, a couple of aprons, a book I’m dying to make something out of, and my so-far halfhearted attempt at knitting…

I’m also trying to convince my 18 month old that no, he is NOT a hothouse flower…(image of Cameron in garden window)…I’ve been playing around with my new MP3 player from Best Buy – it has 2G, an FM radio, AND plays videos! I have downloaded my Audible books to it, so I can listen to Amy Sedaris while I’m walking or puttering around. And the price is quite a bit cheaper than the iPod. Ooh, I think I need to make a soft case for it now!! Back to the sewing table… 🙂
PS-We were looking at those ambilight tv’s the other day, and I found out you can watch movie previews on the computer with a simulated Ambilight background…it’s kinda cool! Look here…The new Ben Stiller movie looks pretty funny!

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  1. You are like me – multi-tasking! By the way, your son is too cute!

    P.S. I’m thinking that Night at the Museum is going to be really funny.

  2. Hey there! I haven’t been here in so long. I LOVE The new look. Very nice! Your son is looking very sweet!

    PS – I think I’m gonna start weight watchers? Wanna be my buddy?

  3. Domestic – I totally deleted your email! So I’m hoping you read your comments. I posted about us doing the WW thing over at my blog. Can you post about it too when you get time? Thanks! Lotta

  4. I, too, love Amy Sedaris, and her latest book is on my list of future buys! You should review it on HHW, if you haven’t already!

    My pile-o-fabric is packed away up in my closet. My sewing machine is gone. 😥 Maybe I’ll get a new one, soon.

    Can’t wait to see some finished items!

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