…it is 99 kinds of wrong to be sick on your birthday(yesterday). I have the worst sinus infection, which is only made worse by the impending storms the local weather guru is predicting.
It looks like today will be filled with pixar, cheerios and “pink” milk for the boys, and soup, antibiotics and a mini herbal heating pad for me. I will announce the winner of the DYMO giveaway tomorrow, along with a bunch of some of your great ideas that you shared in the comments. Pass me a tissue, will ya? I think I feel a sneeze coming on…

*Reposted after someone little accidently deleted it… 😉

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  1. Yes, it is definitely wrong to be sick on your birthday. Make sure to get a rain check on the festivities and go a little overboard! 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Are you feeling better? I agree, there’s something not right about being sick on your birthday. That’s right up there with hopping out of bed on New Year’s Day and stepping in cat puke….but I digress…

    I hope you saved some Pixar and strawberry milk for yourself too!

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