Thursday Thirteen (one day late-sigh!)

Thirteen sites you should visit…

1. Learn how to make an origami bookmark here – wouldn’t these be cute in scrapbooking paper given to someone when you give them a book???

2. I think I am becoming a techno-geek…I love the Chip Chick!

3. Finally! A use for tiny bits of scrap fabric, AND all those cool pics I find in catalogs and magazines!!

4. Do you love handsome cowboys and beautiful pictures? Oh, and a recipe or two? Look no further… Swoon!

5. Could you possibly do a whole site about Laundry? Yes you can! And make it beautiful too!

6. My sweet friend Sonia makes the MOST foofy Crystal T-shirts, has a new blog design, knits, co-hosts a local show in her town, AND has 4 kids… She’s my hero!

7. Once I get a new sewing machine, this project is first on my list (ok, maybe second or third).

8. Some of my favorite Magazines have online Blogs…Adorn, Blueprint, and CRAFT magazine.

9. I consider myself pretty smart and well-read, but damnit, I can’t help but laugh at this…

10. If you give a mom a muffin…

Ok, faithful readers (all 4 of you), the next 3 are up to you…send me your favorite links, site, or send me your blog to list here!

11. Plain-Jane

12. Ok, what about you?

13. Or you???


  1. I love these kinds of round ups – brings me to loads of new sites, but does nothing for the dire housework situation!

  2. No, you’re MY hero….somehow, you’re a SAHM and still have like eleventeen paying gigs…how do you do that?

    You so kwazy!

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