I am busy adding all of my new bff’s to my feed reader…

Be back in a bit with a BlissDom09 recap. I am still processing the weekend, so if I gush or babble or cry you’ll know why. If you were there – you’ll REALLY know why…


  1. Can’t wait to hear your recap! Mine is going to take about three posts to cover!

    I totally enjoyed hanging out with you, was Saturday night a blast or what? xoxo!!!!

  2. It was SO nice to meet you and I hear you loud and clear on the feed reader! There is no way I can keep up with all these amazing bloggers! It was an AMAZIng weekend!
    Thanks again for all your tips. You are awesome!

  3. wow, so glad we could meet. everything i heard was TRUE! i didn’t get to sit in on your photo talk, but i heard it was excellent!
    happy monday!

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