This has been a tough week…my oldest had to go to the dentist, and it’s a disaster. How can 2 boys, both with the same habits as far as brushing and eating, have totally different teeth? Big Dood never had a bottle at night, is good about brushing, eats more fruit than cookies, yet had cavities, and may need a root canal? Little dood DID have a bottle at night for awhile, is a cookie/candy fiend, yet he has movie star teeth? BD did have more treatments, and medications just after birth than LD did, but there is such a huge difference! Luckily we have a great Dentist, who does no more than is absolutely necessary. BD was miserable for a couple of days before the antibiotics kicked in, but it was kinda nice having him to myself late at night, watching “everybody loves raymond” -the kid has an odd sense of humor…

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  1. I understand that it’s not uncommon for there to be radically different dental conditions among family members. It supposedly has something to do with the natural PH in each person’s mouth.

    Certain acidity levels make you prone to calculus accumulation, whereas others make you more prone to cavities instead. I could be totally wrong, but that’s what I’ve heard. Shrug!

  2. My “thumbsucker” has perfect teeth.

    The “non-thumbsucker” had to have braces.

    One more myth we proved false. LOL

  3. My brother and I are the same way. He has good teeth, and I got my Dad’s crappy teeth. He had false teeth before he was 21. I at least have “mostly my own” chompers. 😉

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