8 things…

C fancy -h- i C K Y
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I have been tagged for this a couple of times, does that mean I have to do 16??? 😉

1. After years of wanting straight(er) hair, I am now worried about losing my curls…So far so good!
2. I have everything from Kristin Chenoweth to Britney Spears to Meatloaf on my ipod.
3. I am a Big Brother Fanatic…but I will actually be happy to see this season end.
4. I read Chick-Lit in the bathtub.
5. I had a secret crush on Robert Goulet when I was a littel girl.
6. I love the smell of skunk, hate the smell of parmesan. ( I try to sneak in the skunk smell thing every few memes…SOMEONE has to agree with me one of these days!)
7. I wanted to be a hairstylist, even when I was little.
8. I want to learn to make soap…

Ok, now to tag-um, I tag anyone who hasn’t done this one yet! 😀


  1. My best friend makes soap. She is good at it. I love it when she makes it, and sticks a loofah in the middle of it, then lets it dry and cuts it in slices – so you have a built in loofah in your soap – AWESOME!

  2. Soap is easy to make.
    Skunks stink-Always…lol.
    Same music on my ipod (and some CASH).
    Sad, the Big Brother thing…
    Some chick-lit is good for tub reading.
    Sort of Goulet/Sort of Kenny Rogers.
    Shares of my future lottery winnings are already assigned to go to my hairdresser.

    BTW, great lil’ blog!

  3. *Raising hand* Me! Me me me! I like the smell of skunk, too! It would probably different if a skunk actually sprayed me in the face, but as a faraway smell, it’s musky and woodsy and pleasant. I didn’t know there was anybody else who though that! I am mercilessly ridiculed.

  4. Love the new banner!!

    Skunk, interesting. I have a friend who was tagged not long ago and said one of her favorite smells was Pine-sol. I thought that was an odd favorite smell as well. But what ever floats your boat!!

    I made soap a year or so ago. It wasn’t too difficult and my daughter was able to help. She gave it as gifts to her teachers.

    Chick-Lit is a great escape, and sometimes as a mother, the only time you have to read is in the bathtub!!!

  5. When we first moved out to the country, I hated the smell of skunk but now I sort of like it. My husband and I are sort of ashamed of our like for skunk smell. So, you’re not alone, don’t worry.

  6. I will be the one to agree. There is something “pleasant” about the skunk smell – although in the distance. The fresh, in the backyard skunk smell is a bit much, even for me. Now you know you’re not alone!!

  7. Maybe we need a skunk smellers support group? I’ve liked the smell since I was a kid, and my family, including my children, think I’m crazy. My husband thinks he married a wacko! I, too, have never been sprayed myself, thank goodness! Glad to know I’m not the only one.

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