Why I bang my head into the wall…

Experts, teachers, books, doctors, all tell you the importance of children learning gross and fine motor skills…one of these is learning about putting in and taking out. Easy you say, but no! You read the magazines or articles, and they tell you that this toy is great or that rolling. talking, eating, blinking, light-up toy is better. So, sticking to your guns, you go with a classic-your basic no-frills, plastic Fisher Price shape sorter. Dumping out is no problem-this kid was born to dump! But putting in…hmmm. Not so much. Until one day, your little one gets into the trash and pulls out a soda cup and puts the straw in that little hole on the first try…

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  1. This is so true (and makes me bang my head too!). Another one I love is why when I ask my toddler to sit on the potty he throws a fit but when I’m not looking he’ll stick his head in the BIG potty and jam a ball into it….hahaha

    I really like your blog!

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