A new year, a new Chicky?


Who knows? A new year has always inspired me to dream big dreams, and make big plans, but as we all know, life happens while you’re making plans, and all your big lofty goals get smaller and smaller. I decided to take a page from Ali Edwards, and choose a word to represent this next year…I chose “CREATE“. Not just in the crafty sense but in many different ways-

CREATE a beautiful home for my family…
CREATE nourishing meals
CREATE healthy habits for my and my family
CREATE and preserve memories for my kids
CREATE the business I have been dreaming of

…oh, and all the crafty stuff too!

To inspire me, I ordered this necklace from Lisa Leonard with my “word” on it.  Ali has a 20% off code for it on her post, so you have to go there to get it – and to see what other people are using for their “Word”.

What word would you use to inspire you this year?

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  1. My word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    It reminds me to be silly, sing daily, play with my kids, strive for greatness…and of course, it reminds me of good friends!


  2. Great word, my word is Gratitude, last year it was balance……it really helps us to focus having the word doesnt it!!!!

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