The Big Traveling Potluck 2013

Saying I was super excited to go to The Big Traveling Potluck is an understatement…going to meet some of my favorite food bloggers? Yes!

Eating fabulous food created and inspired by some of the best in their field? DUH!

kitchenaid, mixer

Getting inspired about food blogging so I can use it here, share it with YOU and pass it on to some of my awesome clients?? Again – duh!!

To top it all off it was in driving distance, The Big Traveling Potluck was held in a beautiful part of California…this was a barn on the top of a hill overlooking a vineyard and avocado grove. It was gorgeous!

big traveling potluck 2013

The speakers were wonderful and I was introduced to some incredibly talented and passionate bloggers…I wasn’t sure whether to think “ah, I give up, I’ll never be THIS dedicated” OR “OMG – I am SOOOOOOO inspired! I’ll post 74 times a week and photograph every meal and and and…” Well, you see how well that worked.

I am more inspired than discouraged 🙂


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