Wow, Nan sure did a great job with Apronpalooza! I have never seen so many cool aprons in one place before! I am also honored to announce that I have a winner for my Apronpalooza contest, Stacey of Village of Many. She has a beautiful blog that I can’t wait to read more of! I will get your apron off to you this week! I can’t wait to see pictures of you in it! We also added all of the participants to our sidebar, marked with an *, so everyone can get some apron lovin! Don’t forget, if you sell, love, make or just buy aprons, share your site, blog, story, or shop with us-we may feature it in an upcoming post!

I also opened up an etsy shop myself this last week. I don’t have anything but some blog design stuff in it yet, but am hoping to start filling it up this week. I have some cute aprons planned, as well as some bags, cases for ipods & phones, composition book covers, headbands, pincushions, coasters…Whew! I get pooped just looking at that list! I would eventually like to get a regular online shop, but I think that is a bit further down the road…Oh! Here is the link! Fresh~Baked

Eren has an etsy shop too! Since she is in the middle of moving, she might not be adding things right now, but just give her a few weeks! This chica has a great eye for vintage!

OK, back to the sewing machine! Bye for now!

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