Good morning! Today is the day i am being featured on “Apronpalooza 2007“, so if you’re visiting from there, Welcome! I am just getting my little sewing business off the ground, but I welcome any ideas, advice, and tips you can offer. I am giving away a copy of the apple/pear/polka-dot apron for the festivities-go enter here!

I also wanted to announce the grand opening (can you hear the trumpets?) of my new etsy store! It’s called Fresh~Baked, and while it only has some bloggy design stuff in there right now, I hope to fill it up with all kinds of goodies, starting this weekend!

Fresh Baked!

Ya know, there was something else I was supposed to do this morning, but it escapes me right now…Oh, yeah! The drawing for the Rolling Stones DVD set! Well, since there was only eight entrants, I decided to just write the numbers 1-8 on bits of paper, and draw one…and the winner is:


Yay!! Send me your address, and I will get that off to you first thing Monday. Congrats!

Well, I better hit that sewing machine if I am going to fill that store up! Have a great weekend, and I will be posting all the festivities with little dood turning 2!


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  1. OK YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR ETSY SHOP!!! Love your aprons, love your little men and luf ya sista!!!

  2. You have a precious blog and adorable aprons!!! Im so glad you are sharing your gift with the rest of us 🙂

    We have lots in common; I am a mama of 4 boys, crafty girl, domestic diva, blog addicted, apron-wearing, curly-haired, bubble bath loving, cookbook collecting, jeans altering, Comfort Queen (and not-so-Desperate Housewife)! Ha ha I loved your description but it was like you were describing me!!!

    Thanks again for sharing your gift with us!

  3. Congrats for both apronpalooza and your new Etsy shop! I can’t wait to see what you have to offer!

    (BTW, LOVE the apron!)

  4. hi – saw your comment on heather’s blog…i love long beach flea – it’s great, especially the farther you go in, near the back. please post your treasures, love to see what you find!

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