I’m still here! Can you believe I have a kidney stone? Sheesh! I thought I was getting the flu or pulled a muscle, but about 4am Thursday night the pain started to move and I knew immediately what it was – ugh…

So anyway, I wanted share something new I wanna do here at Casa de Chicky…I am always inspired by the gorgeous homes and decor of some of my favorite blogs, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you, and also share the before and after pictures of what I end up doing here at the Casa. I have been in this house for 4 years, and (cover your eyes Nester) HAVE NOT PAINTED ONE WALL…How awful is that? So, I figured since we probably won’t be moving anytime soon (yeah, thanks St Louis for the wretched winter you had this year – husband was so NOT convinced to move after that!)

I am hoping my decorating Guru The Nester (yeah, I’m calling you out 😉 ) will give me a hand with this, as I know what I like, but have an awful time actually DECIDING on a look or a style, since I like a little bit of everything! She has great style, and her style fits the shabby/casual/elegant style I tend to gravitate to the most…

I am definitely decorating on a budget, so you will see a lot of “inspired by” posts, where I take the stuff I love from places like Pottery Barn, Restoration, Crate & Barrel, and do it on the cheap. Here is one of my current inspirations from the new Pottery Barn Catalog

Grosgrain Ribbon Sheets from Pottery Barn

No-brainer, right? Plain white sheets, some beautiful Grosgrain Ribbon in colors that go with your bedding, and sew! You could do as little as one row of beautiful wide ribbon, to 3 or 4 rows with a row of ball fringe to finish it off!

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  1. Isn’t it funny how we all call the Nester “my” Nester. LOL LOL LOL

    Somehow she takes time for all of us and we think we’re the “only one”. Very few people can do that. She has that kind of gifting.

    So, your inspiration is the colors blue and rust or is it white?

  2. Hope your feeling better!

    Now this is where I tend to overthink my crafting. If I sew on the ribbon and then wash the sheets and cases how do I know that the ribbon won’t shrink and the whole project is ruined?

    You ever have one of those towels that shrink about six inches from the end and you end up with an hourglass shaped towel that no one likes to use?

  3. I am totally loving that Idea! Ric-rac {that squiggly stuff} also works well on smaller towels. If you have a friend who monograms maybe you could barter and have that done too!

    I’d paint the walls first! White towels look their best against freshly painted walls! But, I’m one to talk–none of my bathrooms are painted!

  4. I often wish the folks at Pottery Barn would just plunk entire rooms from their catalog pages in my house. Aaaaah. That would be nice!

    Good luck with your decorating endeavors! Will be watching to see what you come up with! 🙂

  5. Oh no! My sis had a kidney stone a few years ago – not fun!

    I love anything and everything that I see in the Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogs. I wish I had an ounce of talent when it comes to sewing and being able to re-create things on a budget. I never learned those basics of domestication. 🙁

    I look forward to seeing what you can do, though!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

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