My Boys are seriously NUTS

I am thrilled that my boys have vivid imaginations – they act out a movie they have only seen once, they make up elaborate games and stories, and I am lucky enough to be allowed to watch and participate in their activities…

There is a drawback, however…

The goobers fight over imaginary objects!!! They decide they BOTH have to have whatever it is they are pretending…

Do you see how this makes me nuts, having to break up a tug of war over…nothing?!?!?

Why can’t they just pretend another one???


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  1. OK, that is so funny….can the imaginary mom break it up. Send in the imaginary nannie…I might have too much fun with this if my girls did this??!! haha

  2. All I can say,is be grateful they have not watched Star Wars and want to have laser fights while they pee….
    It can always be worse…

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