Do you prep for Thanksgiving ahead of time or do you thrive on the chaos? I am admittedly a little of both – I enjoy the process but I like to relax and have fun with my guests too! Today I made the stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole…the recipes I use can be found in my Thanksgiving notebook – it’s been a fabulous resource for me to organize this year. I have my menu, decoration ideas, recipes and more. I’m looking forward to using it for Christmas too!

Ninja Cooking System

This is one thing I really had fun playing with – baking in the ninja. You can make cakes, quick breads, and even cinnamon rolls! Everything comes out so moist and yummy.
Today I made my potatoes in the Ninja cooker – couldn’t have been easier! I filled it up with potatoes, put in enough water to barely cover the potatoes and set it to cook. By the time they were done cooking enough water had evaporated that all I had to do was mash, add my other ingredients and put into casserole dishes. Tomorrow all I will need to do is add a little butter to the top, and warm up!

All I have left to do is the jello salad, rolls and the turkey – 23 pounds this year! The pie will be from costco this year (I heard they are really good) and the cranberry sauce is coming…I can’t wait. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite meal of the year – with the exception of a really good steak maybe – and I love the mess, the chaos, and best of all the fact that I get to start playing Christmas music the next day!

I hope you all have an amazing and joy filled holiday. Don’t forget to check out my last thanksgiving post with my FAVORITE turkey marinade!

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  1. I’ve heard the Ninja is awesome. Sounds like a great day, how did you like Costco’s pies? What kind did you get. I got 2 pumpkin and one apple, then made my own banana cream and chocolate cream. all were amazing. We met up with Kimball’s uncle and cousins after dinner for a major pie feast. 🙂 xo, Jess

  2. Could you post some of your baking recipes with the Ninja? I just got one and am having a blast using it! Are those cinnamon rolls in your picture? Ideas please!!

  3. I love my Ninja so much I got 2 of them. I love being able to sear my meat and then slow cook all in one pot:) Baking & stove top cooking is awesome. I use mine all the time:)

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