…just thought I would share the current earworm in my head – You’re Welcome 🙂

I hope you all had a great Easter – ours was, um…filling. Ham, potatoes, salads, yummy carrot-pineapple cake (trust me, you will never eat Carrot Cake the same way again). One new thing I tried was making homemade Ranch Dressing – I used this recipe, and it was DELISH! I used the leftovers last night to coat chicken before I coated it in breadcrumbs and parmesan – SO yummy!  We have done well eating more REAL food – I am still counting points, and watching portions. I am only about 5 pounds down, but I discovered something on my cable’s On Demand choices – the 30 day shred. Any users/lovers/haters out there??

What is your most hated least loved homemaking chore task? If you ask my former roommate, she would tell you “All of them”.  I really don’t *mind* any of them anymore – I put on a cute apron, good music, and I can get into a Martha -type groove. But it’s still not my FAVORITE thing to do. Imagine my absolute joy surprise to find my oldest LOVES to vacuum – and he actually does a decent job at it! Now if I can just get him to LOVE doing dishes…
Butter Cookie Walls
I’m also still trying to get all the painting done – we did go with Behr Butter cookie for the living room (see above-just after painting)and breezeway/den/room where everything else goes. I had originally intended to use it in the kitchen too, but see those lemons up there in my header?? I thought it would be fun to have that picture made into a canvas to hang on the wall in the kitchen. It came out GREAT, but against the butter cookie walls?? Not so much. So NOW, I am looking for THE perfect green – kind of a spring-y, bright but not too neon or pea soup-y type green. I am choosing between sassy green and pear green so far – but I am open to suggestions!
I am off Monday to Cincinnatti to attend the Pampers Blogger Day with 15 other bloggers – I am looking forward to learning more about Pampers  and their commitment to vaccinating children against tetanus. It’s something we take for granted, but tetanus claims over 125,000 children every year in less industrialized countries. Thanks to Pampers and Proctor and Gamble, every time you purchase a pacakge of pampers diapers or wipes, it purchases a vaccine for a child – an easy way to help with something you might buy anyway!
 I will try to update on the trip, but I will defnitely update next week – I have a new blog design to reveal!!

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  1. I started painting my living room one color, but I didn’t like it. Then I started painting it another color, but I never finished. Now my living room has three colors on the walls. One day, I will pick a color and finish.

  2. i can’t remember the last time my living room has been that clean…wow! My great room is a fun green. I love it, but I sure do love that Butter cookie color as well. It’s so warm, but hanging your lemons on the wall….WOW – that would be the bomb!!

  3. I work on Pampers and am so looking forward to having you visit us in Cincinnati. We have so much to learn from you and the other bloggers. I’m so glad you like the work we are doing with Unicef to vaccinate moms in developing countries so their babies don’t need to suffer from neo-natal tetnus. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Safe travels. Jodi

  4. I just found your site! LOVE IT! And I did try the 30 Day Shred awhile back and it works….it is painful the first few days, but as long as you can work throught he crazy pain then it works.

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