One of my favorite parts of fall & winter is socks…I used to be a ho-hum, boring, white, 6 pairs to a package kinda chicky. But the last couple of years, I have been inpsired by the surge of adorable, cute, funky, and wild socks out there. In that spirit, I have decided to participate in a sock exchange – and now you can too! You only need to buy one pair of socks, find 6 people to sign up for YOUR exchange,  and if it all works out right, you will end up with 36 new pairs of socks! How fun is that?? If you are interested in doing the sock exchange (please! 😀 ), drop me a line at domesticchicky (at) gmail (dot) com, and soon we will all be sporting stylin feet!

 PS-to my sock buddy…try as I might, I just could NOT find Gnome socks! 😉

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  1. I want in on the sock action! I love funky socks, and my sock drawer is so sad right now. I’ve been throwing away holy socks every time I find a pair, so I’m down to na-da.

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