Giveaway Winners!

Bad Chicky!

I completely forgot to draw the winners of the Blog Party and the Bunco Giveaways! I should have my blogging license revoked! 😉
So, without further delay, here are the winners!

For the Bunco Winner, I chose the very scientific method of asking my oldest his favorite number – today it happens to be…6!

So let’s see who that is:

BusyMom – with the classic haiku:

Elvis caught in trap.
Couldn’t walk out from toilet.
Thank you very much.

Brilliant! BusyMom, sling me your address and I will send off your Bunco Goodies!

Now, for the 5 minutes for Mom Blog Party Giveaway, I chose the very scientific method of making 39 little pieces of paper and drawing one out. The winner of the Blog makeover is: #20


“They have a bunco world champion? How come nobody told me that??? Good luck!

(and PICK ME for a blog makeover! I need it BAD)”

I’m glad it will come in handy! Contact me at the email above, and we will foof you up!!

Thanks to everyone who entered both Giveaways – I am still getting around to visiting all the people who left comments!


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