Well, it will be as soon as that coffee maker starts brewing. We had a great weekend celebrating the big doods birthday, and it just doesn’t seem possible that he is 5. We made a choice to start him in kindergarten next year, since he had the late birthday, plus, he was 3 months early-he just didn’t seem ready this year. When we were at the zoo, we saw all these groups of kindergarteners, and he towered above them all! I know he will do great next year, and even since this summer he has matured so much, that I almost question our decision to hold him back , but I know he will be just fine.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? What are you making? Anything new? I am going to try a couple of the Pioneer Woman’s recipes this year, and of course a few favorites as well. I usually do this amazing glaze on my turkey that is equal parts soy sauce, orange marmalade, dijon mustard, and oil – it makes the most amazing gravy, and it works well on chicken and pork too. This year I decided to go a more traditional route and do a butter/herb mixture stuffed under the skin, and I am doing the Pioneer Womans stuffing, with cranberries, apples and sausage added. I am drooling just thinking about it!skirts.jpg

We have an an amazing giveaway at the Apronista..my favorite Farm Chicks are giving away a goodie package that I am just dying over. We are going to be wrapping up our giveways next week with 5 (I believe) giveaways for all kinds of great goodies!

It’s hard to get into the spirit of the season when it is so warm outside. We have a fireplace that hardly gets any use since it rarely gets cold enough! Plus it’s gas, which we found when we first moved here and turned on the fireplace more for “ambience” than anything else, that it isn’t super cheap to run. SO, I got the bright idea (from where I can’t for the life of me remember) to take a strand of twinkie lights and string them all around the logs in the fireplace and plug them in. Beautiful! It gives off a pretty glow, and it brightens up the area a bit. I might even put a couple of ornaments in there once I get all the Christmas stuff out this weekend.

Well, it’s off to the sewing machine for me..I have lots of gifts to start on, and a superhero cape to make for the little dood, to match his brothers. Have you been checking out the posts at Sew Mama Sew? I have gotten so many ideas and gift inspiration there!

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  1. warm here, too! it is supposed to be cooler on thursday, though! my little lady is a late birthday, too – october. but we don’t have the choice here. august 31 is the cutoff to start kindergarten. so i’ll have her with me next year – and she’s a tall girl, too! she could pass for a kindergardner now. but i’ll keep her with me for as long as i can! 🙂 happy thanksgiving to you!!!

  2. I’m glad you had such a great weekend. Your boys are so cute…love the pics. He was 3 months early?! Wow, what a miracle boy. Congrats on the big 5. I bet it’s gone fast.

    Yeah, not so cold around these parts either. In fact it was 88 degrees here yesterday. My hubby hates it; he didn’t grow up here. But it’s all I know. I still love Thanksgiving time. We still have Thanksgiving with my parents and grandparents so I just bring a couple of boring dishes…although this year I might attempt my sis-in-law’s yummy cinnamon pull aparts. They are scrumptious. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

  3. I can’t believe how grown he is!! My goodness time flies in blogland too! He’ll do well next year. He’ll be more confident and you’ll see good things both academically and socially. 🙂

    Hope turkey day was great!!

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