Still hab dis code in mah nose…still in mah jammies. Blankie friend. Maybe I hab de bird flu 😉


Try again tomorrow…


  1. Ack! Hope you kick it soon! I don’t know what has made the cold viruses so dastardly this season, but they are pure evil.

  2. I have had this thing since January 1st….aaaARGH!!!….turned into a sinus infection on my 2nd round of antibiotics…I hate taking those things..maybe it is the bird flew….if so it can FLY AWAY…

  3. Oh, Chicky! You’re lookin’ a little green around the gills!
    Bless your heart! It’s been an awful winter for cold / flu virus. We’ve been sick since Thanksgiving on and off.
    Come, Spring, come!!
    Get well soon.

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