I think I have done this before, but the list is always changing, so I am going to do my 13 favorite skincare/makeup/foofy products…

1. Jergen’s Natural Glow – I love the look of a little color on my skin, but get antsy laying in the sun. If you can get past the smell – I have special jammies I wear with this stuff on so it doesn’t stain my sheets – it gives a fairly natural glow. I want to try this one by L’Oreal -any other recommendations?

2. Bare Minerals – love love LOVE this makeup. When applied properly (and it DOES take practice), it looks like your skin, only BETTER.

3. Smashbox Primer – a primer gives your skin a smooth surface, by filling in pores and lines. Smashbox does an insanely good job, but I am going to share with you a makeup artist’s secret – THIS does the same exact thing…for about $20 less. Seriously.

4. Too-faced Lip Injection Extreme – When I got this, I sat with a friend out in the parking lot, checking out each other’s lips, trying to see if they were getting bigger…they did, and while I doubt the claim that it is a semi-permanent effect, it definitely pumps up the volume…

5. Angel perfume – my favorite fragrance ever. Most people either love it or hate it..my husband for example – absolutely detests it. Which makes the bottle go a lot further, but oh, how I like to wear it when he is being a pain in the butt…lol

6. Johnson’s Lavender Bath & Lotion – I should say I USED to like them, until Johnson’s changed the darn formula! It has such a lovely smell…now it smells kinda generic. But it’s the best thing to calm a fussy baby…

7. Vive by L’Oreal – have you ever heard of Kerastase? It’s a REALLY expensive hair care line brought over from Europe. Expensive like $20 + for a small bottle of shampoo…Well, I heard thru the professional grapevine, that L’oreal’s Vive hair care line is virtually identical to Kerastase, at a much lower price…but just keep that between us, ok???

8. Any pale shimmery lipstick/gloss – just a dab in the center of your bottom lip gives the illusion of having a fuller pout-ier lip. Blend Slightly. Also great in a pinch on your browbone to lift the eye.

9. Visine – crazy enough, I always have this in my makeup case – not just for red eyes, but it takes the redness out of a pimple in no time flat. Squeeze a drop or two on to a q-tip, and dab.

10. Japonesque Makeup Palettes – if I am going to spend a lot of money on a lipstick I am going to get to the very bottom…with this palette, you can sccop out that last little bit of lipstick from the tube, and store it in here. It’s also handy if, like me, you like to blend your lipsticks together to get that perfect shade. you can sccop a bit of each one you want onto the lid, and mix to your heart’s desire…cool, no? They make all sizes too!

11. Diorshow Mascara – TO. DIE. FOR. LASHES.

12. Shaper Hairspray by Sebastian-for the love of all that is the 80’s – so iconic, but still one of my staples for curling iron work, full hair, and soft hold. Along with Molding mud, Shpritz forte, and laminates, some of my fondest hair memories…

13. Last but not least, my ginormous makeup case on wheels. Huge, heavy, and doubles as a seat. Without it, I would have even more makeup and foofy stuff strewn about the house…

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  1. Ooh, if you like Jergen’s Natural glow, you should try Olay’s Quench “touch of sun.” (I think that’s the name of it.) It works GREAT and doesn’t have that funky smell Jergens does. (I’ve tried both and prefer Olay!)

  2. I LOVE that pallette you listed. I have to get one! I dig out all the lipstick that I can with a brush. Right now I’m a little bit obsessed with the flirt color products at Kohls. They have the best cream eyeshadows. I love them!

  3. I love love love the Two-Faced lip injection. Burns like hot cinnamon candies on your lips, but so totally worth it. By the way: chapped lips + Two-Faced lip injection = Flaming hot fat lips.

    Going back to lurking now…

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