Sheesh – who knew having one LESS child at home during the day could be so much work?? I have been getting my Martha on the last couple of weeks – pics soon! But let’s move on with this a bit while I catch my breath…

26. I love polka dots, rickrack, ball fringe and funky embroidery
27. I have never been out of the country – not even to Mexico
28. I love board games and would love to have weekly “grown up” game nights
29. I nearly failed geometry in High School, but have to use it for work now (go figure)
30. I despise american cheese unless it is in a grilled cheese sandwich
31. My favorite snack is wheat thins and my homemade Salsa
32. While I love stilettos (and the Stiletto Mom) , I do not own a pair (but am willing to accept donations! 😉 )
33. I love love LOVE Taylor Swift – she speaks to my inner 15 year old
34. I frequently act 15 even now
35. I have over 400 feeds in my reader – but I am not afraid of the “Mark all as read” button
36. Thanks to Facebook, I am now in touch with 2 of my childhood best friends – one I have known for (eep!) 35 years!
37.  Love FlyLady!
38. I love gardening, except for the dirt and bugs…
39. I am still searching for the perfect bag, since I can’t get Hermes at Target.
40. Sheesh – it’s hard to come up with interesting stuff!
41. I have my mother’s handwriting – which freaks me out when I write excuse notes for school now.
42. In my lifetime, I have had 9 cats, 3 dogs, and an assortment of hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, fish, parrots, and other birds.
43. My Starbucks go-to drink – Venti Iced Upside-Down Caramel Macchiatto
44. I love Chinese Chicken Salads – will go out of my way to get one
45. I had a webTV – LOVED it
46. I always get giddy in the fall anticipating the new TV Season
47. I used to wear fishnets and doc maartens to work…
48. …with a babydoll dress and a leather jacket-
49. and had cranberry colored hair.
50. Wish I had pictures of it.

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  1. I totally remember numbers 47 thru 49!!! Thinkin’ I just might have a pic somewhere! Love you bunches & miss you even more!

  2. I love flylady too! How sad that someone has to walk me through cleaning this mess! LOL
    I just love your site! What a cute personality you have! You make me laugh!

  3. Isn’t Facebook great?? It’s been a bit of blog killer for me, but so much fun reconnecting with people.

    Also, I too love polka dots and board games, and hate geometry and American cheese (except in grilled cheese). 🙂

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