5 easy Green Habits

I try to strike a balance between being as green as possible, but not driving my family nuts going overboard. These are some of the easiest habits I have picked up over the years:

  1. We try to keep our fast food visits down to once a week, but we still manage to acquire 7 days worth of paper napkins each time we go – I have been keeping them, and put them in our cars for quick cleanups, wiping faces, dashboards, etc…
  2. Cloth in the kitchen – napkins, washcloths, dish towels – we haven’t bought paper products for the kitchen in a long time except for a roll of paper towels once a month or so for making tacos – if anyone has a solution for blotting tortillas, share please!
  3. Reusable shopping bags – I keep plenty in my trunk, and even a few compact ones in my purse. We still manage to have a stash in the kitchen, which I use for catching veggie peels and lining the bathroom trash.
  4. We do buy SOME juice bags, but I am more likely to use a  reusable bottle filled with juice or water that has been frozen to keep the boys lunches cold. By the time lunch rolls around, the drink is thawed!
  5. I choose cleaners that are more environmentally friendly – Method is one I love because they have refills, smell great, and are kind to the environment – so is Mrs. Meyers. Those are the only household cleaners I buy anymore!

These are small habits, and I am trying to make better choices (less packaging), but every little bit counts! What simple habits have you and your family adopted to be a little “greener”?

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