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One of my favorite people from blissdom this past year was Jessica from Allora handmade – not only is she talented and gorgeous, she has a generous heart and a wonderful sense of humor. She and Maya made a flight from Nashville to Salt Lake City one of the most interesting I’ve ever had (although our fellow passengers might not have thought so – I don’t think we stopped talking the whole way there!)

Recently jessica asked for some help for a friend of hers and I knew I had to help. Now I’m asking for yours…



This is Sharlie. Sharlie is a wife and mom. She loves to read. She loves to laugh. She has an infectious smile. And the best hugs on the planet. Sharlie is also awaiting a double lung AND heart transplant. She is an inspiration. A fighter. A miracle.
Jessica (one of Sharlie’s best friends) and Mique reached out to the creative community to come up with a way to raise funds for her impending medical bills. They created a Shop for Sharlie– full of tutorials, printables, and advertising opportunities. Every single dollar raised will go straight to Sharlie’s Angels. So shop ’til your heart is content. And in return it will help Sharlie get her new heart.

So I made a poster in 3 different color schemes – it’s 8×10, ready to frame and has some of the things our family value and love…And here’s a bonus for you – if you buy anything from the shop, come back here and leave a comment with what you bought – I will draw a name and that person will win a custom poster for their home. You can choose a poster for your kids, your own family values poster, whatever you like!


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