Five on Friday

I used to do this more often, but not that both boys are in school all day (wah!!!), I may be able to do it again!

  • Jam Hands – Ali has a FABULOUS recipe blog, including one of MY recipes! She has also made blogger do things I never imagined it could do.
  • Martha Stewart for the ipad – THIS is how all magazines will be in a few years. Videos for cooking and crafts, audio tutorials, pictures that change with just a touch, portability? My love for my ipad continues…
  • The Help – great book, can’t wait to see the movie. I listened to this as an audiobook, and I was so sad when it was over!
  • This post – Rebecca is one of my oldest (but youngest) blogging friends and the first blogger I met in person. Love her, her kids and babes yet-to-be.
  • Composition books – about 15 and counting. I use them for everything, from general notetaking, to journaling, Christmas gift lists, recipes, organizing and projects. This is my favorite time of year – I can get them for a quarter!
  • House of Smiths – Shelley is one of the newest rock stars in the blogging world – talented, creative, and handy with tools AND a glue gun, she’s also sweet, funny, and adorable.
  • What they give us – My friend Jules is an amazing writer. My favorite word for this post is “visceral”.  Tell me you can’t smell the onion…

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