A Day at the Beach

Yesterday I decided at the last minute to take the boys on a day trip. Spurred by a craving for Canter’s Deli and a little Santa Monica love, and more awake than I should be on a Sunday morning thanks to Daylight Savings Time, we left home about 7AM for the beach.

Since it WAS so early, we made really good time, but there was one drawback – ok, maybe 2. I picked the one day in ages that it decided to rain, and left SO early that everything was closed. So no rides, and no greasy little taco stands open…

BUT – I got something amazing that I wasn’t expecting. The most amazing light to take pictures in:


There was just enough light peeking thru periodically to make it all moody and sparkly at the same time. As beautiful as the scenery was though, I had more fun experiencing the ocean through my little guys, and answering all the questions they had about seagulls, seals, and why people were fishing off the pier.

Oh, yeah…there was this too-

(more pictures on my flickr page)

Oh, and we never DID make it to Canter’s. There was a line out the door and I had a sleeping dude in the car. We DID make it to the Northwoods Inn for the boys first Shirley Temples. AND we made it back home by 1! Maybe there IS a benefit to this getting up early stuff…

Nah!!! 😉

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  1. Ooh, I love your picture of the ocean 🙂 I have been dying to go to the Santa Monica Pier & this has given me the motivation to go. 🙂

  2. K, that’s a seriously cute boy you have there. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture.

    And the ocean? You’re killin’ me! It’s the only thing I miss about Cali.

  3. I just came upon your sites, and they are fabulous! I tried to comment on the Apronista one, but I think I did it wrong… I adore all the information and links you provide and what great Inspiration too!! Ive added this link to my site, and will come back often!! Thanks for providing us with such a great site!

    Im having my own GIVE-AWAY too!! Its my very first so im excited, stop by if you get a sec!

    Sure wish I found yours in time for that Apron, how fabulous!!

    I aodre your pictures too! what a nice day!!

    ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  4. Man you sure do know how to make a girl miss California! It’s not enough that I miss my family & friends, but then you just had to go & post ‘our ol’ stomping’ ground…..SMP!!! I’m dying here!!! Then you just had to add a sprinkle of salt to that freshly open wound…..Northwoods Inn! *whimpers* Speaking of….can you remember the last time we were there?

  5. You’re right the lighting is excellent! Your pictures bring back memories from when I was a kid and my parents would take me and my brother their. We moved to NC when I was only 8 but I do remember riding the rides!

  6. amazing photo and your son is gorgeous. Last night my daughter and I were at the Grove and the sunset was unbelievably beautiful and naturally I didn’t have my camera with me. Never fails.

  7. Great! Yet another comfy, rockin blog from someone in California! How am I, (a loyal native New Yorker), continue to ignore this weird pull I am having to the West Coast as of late?!

    Sweet, fun, interesting, pretty blog…keep on keepin’ on!


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