It’s that time again, when we honor the people we call Dad…whether it’s your own father, or maybe your baby’s daddy, but someone you know is a Rolling Stones fan.

Well, Mick and the boys have been doing this rock & roll thing for quite a while now, and they are getting ready to roll out their most exclusive tour video dvd ever! Available only at Best Buy,  This boxed set inlcludes over 55 songs, 4 hours of concert footage, and even their performance at the 2006 Super bowl…

“So Domestic Chicky”, you might be saying-“what the blankety-blank does this have to do with me?? Are you doing another one of these blasted reviews where you get to talk about all the cool crap people send you?” And to that I would reply NO-this one is all about YOU!!!

I have in my posession, the exclusive and elusive “The Biggest Bang” 4 DVD Boxed set-and I will be giving it away to one lucky person on Friday. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Thursday night at midnight PST, and I will draw the winner’s name Friday morning.

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Good Luck!

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  1. You do realize this makes you completely insane, right?

    Here’s my comment, it’s a riddle.

    When your dumbbell gets scuffed up, what do you do?


    Oh, I crack myself up.

  2. Oh Mick, You’re stealing my heart!

    What a great giveaway! That’s better than Forty Licks or Sticky Fingers!

  3. Wahoo!!! Enter me….enter me!!! I really need some “Satisfaction, so just tell everyone else “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” LOL

  4. Oh! Pick me! Pick me! My husband is the biggest Stones fan ever. He’s been down and under the weather. Winning this box set would really give him a much-needed lift!

    And Mick is probably as good a symbol for Father’s Day as any. How many kids does he have with Bianca, Jerry and … whoever?!! And he’s *still* having kids!

    Thanks for the chance!

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