Is it just me???

I have been having the worst time with anything Google related the last few days. The reader, mail, blogger even…time outs, lagging…Did I break Google?? 😉

And seriously…how does Christina Aguilera have a baby and get a crazy-sexy body?? Inquiring minds are dying to know…


  1. When I break something, I just put it down and back away quietly. 🙂

    You know, I’ve had two kids and if I used the Christina Aguilera formula, in theory I should have twice the bangin’ body, right? Twice the kids, twice the body? I’ve got twice the thighs, I think I missed a step in the math somewhere.

  2. Christina has BIG HUGE BOOBS…cuz all of that milk is adding to her surgically enhanced ta-ta’s sista!!!! She is also skinny…cuz helllloooooooo…she has a chef, trainer and personal nutritionist. That said…I want boobies like hers. Just for 24 hours…

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