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Hello Apron loving friends!!!
My girlfriend sent me your blog this morning and I love it! I wanted to share my story…Wow , how do I start. I have sewn and created since I was a little girl. Grew up in a family of 12 adopted children, and found sewing a gentle way to fill my creative desires, and make some clothes in the process..used to lay on the floor and trace my body to make patterns.
I have always enjoyed making fun aprons for gifts, and have collected vintage aprons as I find ones that tickle me.
Over the years my health has declined and I have not been able to do as much but occaisionally I would make a few aprons and sell them in a friends store in San Francicso.
Last year I was laid up quite a bit between 2 back surgeries and a daughters wedding. A fun blessing came of my rough year, as I laid in bed with my laptop, I searched eBay for trims and fabrics , found more vintage apron and doily treasures-and the ideas kept swirling around in my head, I couldn’t sew much and started at a friends suggestion making apron patterns. Well to get to the punch line, last week I was able to sell 4 styles of my finished apron patterns under the label of “Threaded Pear” at Spring Quilt Market. We have a website that is still coming together, I expect it will be a few weeks before the aprons a really well represented.
I have an amazingly supportive family, we are not perfect but that’s what lifes about, real people doing their best!
I have loved being able to show my kids that we can perservere, and with aprons no less!!! Guess this is not your typical apron love story but I hope as I continue to create my love for all things home and family comes through.
Funnest days now ………tieing on my apron and cooking a real dinner for my family- my 16 year old son in his usual smirking fashion says “that was delicious Mom.” We appriecate everything.

Jan Lutz

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