Chicky loves…

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Cleaners. Smells insanely yummy, cleans well (is really concentrated), and VERY eco-friendly. The best part? You can get it at Target!

Tracy Porter. I can never hope to afford any of the pretties from her catalog, but I LOVE her blog, especially her inspiring once-a-month or so “Do you ever” posts.

Idea Rolodex from Carrie B

…this INSPIRED Idea Rolodex from the fabulous Carrie B of Blah Blah Blog. I got so excited I imediately snagged a rolodex on ebay! Now if I only knew how to scrapbook 😉

…speaking of inspired, I can spend many hours browsing the eyecandy atInspire Co. – and the best part? You can SHOP there too!

…my lovely lovely Sony camera. With all of the great pictures I have been taking, I was able to make an amazing photo-book that was hardbound and leather-covered as a gift for my family. We also have some new artwork on our walls with some of my pictures blown up and framed.

…all the thoughtful coverage of the passing of Tim Russert. He was an extrordinary man, father and son. The elections this year just won’t be the same. I think my favorite post of all the tributes I have read over the weekend has to be this one from Liz – get your tissues, cuz you’ll need em! (ps-Liz also makes the MOST amazing aprons and sells them in her ETSY shop.)

…campers. Specifically one of these beauties ~


Ever since my first Barbie Country Camper, I have always wanted an RV – the funkier the better. My DREAM would be to pack up the family and travel the country for a whole year.  Of course my husband thinks I’m nuts, but that is nothing new. There is that pesky money thing though…I guess I have to wait til I am an in-demand picture-taking chick, then I can travel AND work! 😉
~as a side note, the boys are equally obsessed, and I am determined to find them a cool toy rv. I found some vintage Fisher-Price campers on ebay!!
The Apronista
…my new look over at the Apronista!
You can even get your own button!

Simple Mom ~ she has a great style and effective home-organizing skills. I have made TONS of copies of her Daily Docket, and her tips for organizing and streamlining (and simplifying!) my routines are helping me immensely!
(another thank you to tipnut!)

Erin Condren

 …Erin Condren Stationery – I am a paper-loving Junkie and the idea of Family-personalized Stationery gets me all verklempt. The designs just put it over the top. How can you NOT write letters then??



…my sweet Alli (aka Mrs Fussypants) ~ she just had a baby, is moving, and running Blissfully Domestic. She is my hero. Go give her some Chicky Love, please!!

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  1. I am loving your blog! Such great inspiration, useful links, tips, advice and finds. I seriously will need days to pour through your archives!

  2. that Rolodex is AWESOME! Unfortunately I have no craft-making skills whatsoever so I’ll have to settle for my armonica filing folder.

  3. found you through lincee’s blog! I don’t have any kids yet but when I do, i’m pretty convinced that I want to be you! I like Mrs. Myers cleaning stuff too…I lemon verbena the you-know-what out of my kitchen, haha. I really enjoyed your blog…nice work!

  4. I am your apron swap buddy and I am so sorry for the delay. It is in the mail now! I broke my hand (right) and it took me a little longer than expected!!!

  5. what fun, I cant wait to try that lemon verbena cleaner, its my fav smell… the rolodex, I got one too, now for the time………….

  6. I loves me an airstream trailer! My dream involves one parked in the backyard all decked out for sewing, crafting, reading and just getting away in general. I realize five steps from the back door isn’t really getting away, but in one of these beauties it wouldn’t matter!

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