How do YOU read Books?

A friend and I got into a debate the the other day about REAL books vs. digital books. Then I participated in a discussion on facebook about the subject. I used to be in the “no way, I need to HOLD a book, smell the pages, etc…” camp. That is until I got an iPad (my love for which is a whole other post) – between ibook and the kindle app, I have about 50 books. I’ve read half…maybe.

What I love about digital books –

  • They don’t take up NEARLY as much space (duh)
  • They are infinitely portable (again, duh)
  • There are TONS of free ones available through Amazon,, and even the public library!
  • You can share books with your friends and NEVER worry about not getting them back!
  • No one can take your bookmark out to look at the cupcake on it and tell you how yummy it looks

What I am NOT so crazy about –

  • Footnotes – the kindle does NOT effectively deal with footnotes
  • It’s hard to read books like cookbooks or craft books
  • You can’t doodle in the margins
  • Or smell the pages
  • or tuck in random notes

Ultimately, I will never stop buying books – but I save the kindle for “junk food” reading – silly, mostly chick – lit and silly mystery type books that I don’t mind disappearing after I read them. I will still buy cookbooks, friend’s books, craft books and reference books and books I know I will read over and over.

Now it’s your turn! Do YOU have a kindle, ipod, nook or other reading device? Do you have a preference? Any must-reads I need to pick up?

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