Ok, maybe it’s not QUITE this bad, but poor hubby had a bout of tummy flu/food poisoning, and you know how it is when men get sick – NOTHING gets done. I told him next time I get an upset tummy I wanted him to stay home from work so I could lay in bed all day. Good thing they don’t get cramps every month, huh? ;-)In lieu of another earth-shatteringly interesting post 😉 , I will send you over to The Apronista to check out this weeks Giveaway…Can you guess what it is??EDITED TO ADD: the boys have the bug now…lovely (sigh)

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  1. Well, yes there seems to be some continuity among the male gender when they are feeling a bit out of sorts.

    You forgot to mention the moaning and groaning followed by the, “I hurt all over…even my eyelids and my hair!”

    Hang in there. This too shall pass – one way or the other. 🙂

  2. Ok, as much as I love my husband – how it is that when men get sick they turn into such babies? Now we know why they don’t give birth! The human race would totally be extinct.

  3. Oh no! I hope that you’re staying well. And I hope he gets well soon….for your sake. We had the same thing awhile back, then mr. got it. He actually whined…I think I have it worse than you two did. I wanted to scream. scream. scream.

  4. I hope everyone feels better soon!

    When my husband has the sniffles, you’d think he was at deaths door the way he carries on!

  5. Hope everyone is better soon. And I thought it was only my hubs who was DYING every time he got a bug. 😉

    Heading over the check out the giveaway now!

  6. Oh, no fun having the hubby sick. No fun having anyone sick, especially in the summer. Hope you don’t get it. Lots of hand washing and sleep.

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