Boobs, bumps and the bachelor (oh my!)

Sandwich maker or torture device?Last week began uneventfully. School for the big dude, hanging out with the little dude. I had gotten my first mammogram (eep!) 2 weeks before, and had been called back for more films and an ultrasound. I was assured it was routine, that there was a “density”, and that it likely was a cyst. Tried not to worry too much, but I have way too active an imagination for that…

Fast forward to Thrusday, and my appointment was for 7:20 AM -I figured I may as well get it over with first thing, right? It wouldn’t have been so bad if my 6 year old hadn’t woken up at 2 AM screaming that his throat hurt. A little water, a little motrin – all was better, but I was wide awake for the next half hour.

On to the smooshing. Let’s just say that while not 100% painful, I left the radiology dept knowing how a panini feels. What could make this better? Oh yeah, coming home to my sweet little boy with a 102 fever and a weird red rash spread all over his torso, along with millions of goose bumps.  So back to the Dr we go…

Turns out he had strep AND scarlet fever. Scarlet fever? Who even knew people got that anymore? I didn’t. Antibiotics prescribed, soft serve ice creams were had, and it was declared a jammies and blankets day.  Who am I kidding – it was a jammies and blankets weekend – with a few short outings to the back yard to contemplate what veggies to grow and to fill the bird feeders.

So what started out as a no-good, very bad day, turned into a very good, not so bad weekend. Just how I like it – but without the drama…and yes, it WAS a cyst.

PS -Right…the bachelor part – GO MELISSA!!!

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  1. Seriously? Scarlet Fever? I thought that was eradicated years and years ago.

    Hope he’s feeling better now and SO glad it was a cyst and nothing more serious. 🙂

  2. So glad your breastacles are okay. 🙂 Better safe than sorry, ya know?

    Hope your wee one is on the mend too!

  3. Lucky! I wish mine was just a cyst! I am proud of you for getting checked out though! You are a smart woman! I’m glad your guy is feeling better! See you soon!

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