Yesterday my little guy turned 3. All day was deemed “his day”. He chose breakfast (waffles), lunch (waffles), and dinner (tacos). He played kitchen all day, wore his snappy new clothes (plaid shorts, racecar shirt), and helped Mommy bake his cake (confetti cake, confetti frosting). It was a very good day for this newly minted pre-schooler.

The part that sucks is I don’t have babies anymore. They are little boys. Independent, strong-headed, loving, creative (yes, they still fight over imaginary things – *sigh*), crazy boys. No longer babies.  But they will always be MY babies…


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  1. oh Happy Birthday! I baby girl just turned 3 on the 8th of June..and my other baby girl is 5 I see them turing into little girls quickly…they fight too….and are a bit crazy..hehe

  2. Happy Birthday to your little boy! I cross a milestone myself today in that my own ‘baby’ is 18 now! Never mind babies…I don’t even have kids here, LOL! (I’m mom to 4 adults now.)
    But you are right…whether they’ll admit it or not, they will always be your babies!
    BTW…waffles and tacos: you are raising a man of good taste!

  3. Happy Birthday to your big boy! My 11.5 year old is taller than me, but I still see my little baby boy when I look at him 🙂

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