Big thank you’s to everyone who stopped by during the “Ultimate Blog Party!” It was a lot of fun discovering new people to read!

Seriously, is it really fair that just because I MAY have brought up how I have escaped being too sick the last few years that I keep getting every little sniffle, tummy bug or plague this year? Especially when I have been making an effort to take my vitamins, eat a little better, and have breakfast every morning?

I swear I stopped in the fabric store for ONE thing…

I swear I just went for one thing!

(see that little spool of brown thread? yep, that’s all I went in for)

I have added some new links to my sidebar…pay special attention to the “Inspiration” links…I have come across some amazing new (to me) crafty bloggers that are just blowing me away with their ideas, sites, and writing… (Um, Some-Girl, I think I may have to break down and do a link page… 🙂 )

Keri Lotion sent me some samples recently, and I have to say I am really impressed…I have fairly oily skin, and a lot of lotions just make my hands really greasy, not soft…Keri has a new lotion with Shea Butter that changed my mind. Absorbs quickly, and doesn’t feel greasy or slippery. I will definitely be buying more when I use this up!

 Oh! I found a new website called Maya’s Mom…it’s kinda like myspace for moms! You can participate in message boards, add friends, publish your blog there, add funny things your kids do…it’s a lot of fun!


Maya's Mom

We had a glorious day here in Sunny California yesterday…The boys dragged out thier pop up house out to the grass, blankets, pillows, books, radio and all…

Whose house??? I said Whose House???

Hope your day is just as Sunny!!


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  1. Ooooh, pretty fabrics! What are you going to make with them?

    I wish my kiddo was sitting outside playing right now instead of being an inside sickie!

  2. He, he…Im laughing because I do the same darned thing. Last week, I went in to get some timtex and came out with a whole bag of fabrics. It’ll get you everytime. And please make a note to bottle some of that Spring weather and mail it to Wisconsin. We’re still freezing our bums off up here.

    Thanks for the little mention. You make me blush.

    Blessings friend!

  3. Ahem… Yes, and ladies, watch OUT! Fabric whoring is extremely contagious!

    Oh, and D, you can stick that warm weather your know where 🙁

  4. We have that little pop up house as well. I am the same way about going in the craft store for one thing and coming out with many.

  5. I LOVE paisley!! If I knew how to sew, there is this really cute fabric at Walmart a la 1980’s late 70’s- the ruched top for the tube dresses- I want to make one for Leah- but I don’t even have a machine! Maybe I should take a shot at it.

  6. oooooo I so have to get those photo’s on a scrapbook page!!! The flower pic’s are beautiful!!!

    it’s nice to have a friend that knows how to sew aprons, hint hint………LOL

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